L'histoire Monster Energy Drink

The Monster Energy Drink story

History of the Monster Energy logo

Monster Energy is a world-renowned energy drink brand founded in 2002 by California-based Monster Beverage Corporation. Monster Energy promotes a number of sporting events and music groups around the world. It is one of the most popular and best-selling energy drinks in the world.

Monster Energy is widely recognized as one of the most recognizable and valuable brands in the world, with a distinctive green "branded" logo. The Monster Energy logo features the stylized claws of a monster, which form a large company initial letter "M".

The Monster Energy logo incorporates a very powerful and modern custom typeface. Each character in this custom typeface is unique. The characters have slightly different sizes, due to which a very unusual visual effect is produced. Probably, the letter "O" with an overlapping vertical bar produces the most eye-catching effect.

The company has been accused of using satanic symbols. Some people mention that the Monster Energy logo appears to include three Hebrew characters which have the numerological meaning of "6". Therefore, in their opinion, the logo is nothing other than the biblical number of the Beast. However, the design agency responsible for creating the logo claimed that the logo did not include any satanic implications.

The authors of the Monster Energy logo were designers from McLean Design. The Walnut Creek, Calif.-based company specializes in branding and packaging design. In addition to Monster Energy , the company has famous clients such as Nestlé , SunSweet, Bosch , Epson, Unilever and Coca-Cola . While developing brands, McLean Design emphasizes consumer engagement as a way to build a lasting connection.

Logo symbol

The Monster Energy symbol has never been changed since its introduction in 2002. One reason may be that sales of the drink have remained rather high, while logos are very often redesigned when profits start to fall. However, there are several versions of the symbol created for different types of drink (Absolutely zero, Assault, Khaos, etc.). Having the same shape, they vary in terms of color palette.

The Monster Energy drink was created and first marketed in 2002 by Hansen Beverage Company; it was the first energy drink to be marketed in a 16-ounce can. The Monster Energy drink was one of the first energy drinks and remains one of the best energy drinks in 2014.

When Monster Energy drinks first appeared, they came in two varieties, the original flavor and the reduced calorie flavor. These flavors were among the best flavors of all energy drinks and remained on top until 2007 when coffee companies began competing in the energy drink industry. During this year, Monster Energy drinks appeared in hybrid versions that included coffee in the mixes.

Like most other energy drinks, Monster cans have a warning label that informs consumers that it is not safe to consume more than the recommended amount of energy drinks at one time. The cans also have the brand logo which is a modified "M". This logo became famous around the world, in part due to celebrity endorsement and the company's sponsorship of motocross teams and riders. Rob Dyrdek is one of the celebrities who supports Monster and chooses to use Monster products for energy.

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