The beginnings of the Lolly's brand

The story of Lolly's begins in 2013, when Mr. Benoît PEROTIN, initiator of the concept, went to Montreal for a business trip during the Christmas period. 🇨🇦 🎄🍁

Taking advantage of this magical atmosphere between snow and impressive store decorations, he experiences this moment as an exceptional experience. It was in this context that he discovered different concepts of confectioner's shops.

He notes that these stores are aimed at children but also adults and realizes that there is no equivalent in France!

Won over by this wonderful idea of ​​a confectionery store and after studying different concepts in Europe, he launched himself in 2015 and opened the first store of its kind in France under the name Mix!s in Lille, adding to his confectionery offering, American grocery products!

At the same time, a second store was created in Charleville-Mézières via an affiliate seduced by the concept!

The illustration gives you an overview of what the test blinds under the name "Mix!s" looked like. ❤️

Our delicacies Store

Paris Forum les Halles, Carrousel du Louvre, Bordeaux Ste Catherine, Bordeaux Lac, La Rochelle, Créteil, Le Havre, Caen, Tours, Marseille, Charleville Mézières, Valence, Nice Cap 3000, Lille. Here are all the cities in which we are present. 💕

Once upon a time Lolly's

Here we are in 2017, the Lolly's brand now has 10 stores and already has a loyal community!

It was therefore necessary, like any self-respecting community, to find a name, a slogan, an expression that represents what brings us together in Lolly's.

Greed ! And yes, this thing that has brought us together at Lolly's since the beginning is our adoration for all these delicacies that make certain moments (breaks, evenings, weekends, vacations or any other moment) even better. !

Since this revelation our stores are no longer comparable to simple sweets, we call them Gourmandise Stores!

And at the same time the design of these Gourmandises Stores has benefited from an update like Lolly's.

The launch of Lolly's


Lolly's now has 15 points of sale in France and specializes in the sale of confectionery products and American groceries.

To its initial offer of bulk candies (more than 600 references), Lolly's added sweet and savory grocery products of American origin (more than 250 references) in order to guarantee an innovative and trendy experience in the confectionery sector. . Indeed, while all the players who have sought to develop on French territory have only remained single-offered with candy, Lolly's has structured its proposition around two treats offerings (confectionery and American grocery).

Young and old will discover iconic brands such as Prime, Reese's, Mogu, Monster, Arizona, Twizzlers, Oreo, Hershey's, Mountain Dew...

In addition to these exclusive products, Lolly's regularly offers new products and limited series.

You've been waiting for it for years: a Lolly's site!

The essential step in 2023, offering you access to our Delicacies everywhere in France!

After years of waiting, we are proud and happy to offer you our online store delicacies . The Lolly's story has only just begun... We can't wait to share this new adventure with you.

Lolly's Gourmandises Stores

Symbol of pleasure, sharing, celebration, conviviality, sweets and confectionery have accompanied the history of our country for centuries and are part of our heritage and our culinary traditions. With a consumption of less than 10g/day/person, confectionery is a popular product in France.

For any celebration, for any event: birthday, wedding, Mother's Day, Father's Day ...candies and confectionery know how to be the sweet gourmet accomplices of these privileged and unique moments.

Lolly's now has 15 points of sale in France and specializes in the sale of confectionery products and American groceries.

Between pleasure and indulgence!

A true “gourmet store”, Lolly's offers its customers nearly 600 references of sweets, gadgets, old-fashioned confectionery, frozen products and sour drinks.