Fiji Water - Pure mineral water - Fiji Islands

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L'eau de Fiji est une eau artésienne issue d'une nappe souterraine dans la vallée de Yaqara au nord de Viti Levu sur l'une des principales iles de Fidji.
Regular price €2,99
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Savor the elegance of the Fiji Islands with our natural mineral water , sourced from a preserved artesian spring in the Yagara Valley on the island of Viti Levu. 🌺

Bottled with care, it offers unrivaled purity , rich in bicarbonate (152 mg/l) and silica (92 mg/l). Protected from impurities by layers of clay and rock, its smooth and mild taste is truly unique. 🪨

Packaged without human contact , this water from Fiji seduces with its exceptional purity and its worldwide success .

Discover the essence of the islands in every sip. 🏝️

Ingredients :
Sodium: 18 mg/liter, Potassium: 4.9 mg/liter, Calcium: 18 mg/liter, Magnesium: 14 mg/liter, Chlorides: 9.2 mg/liter, Bicarbonate: 153 mg/liter, Silica; 92 mg/liter, Fluorine: 0.23 mg/liter.

Sodium : 18 mg/litre, Potassium : 4.9 mg/litre, Calcium : 18 mg/litre, Magnésium : 14 mg/litre, Chlorures : 9.2 mg/litre, Bicarbonate : 153 mg/litre, Silice ; 92 mg/litre, Fluor : 0.23 mg/litre.